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Vol. 2- No. 3

The school's organizational innovative culture and climate; a qualitative research (1-11)

Constrcction and Description of Identification of binary Matroid (12-14)

Investigating the impact of job satisfaction on organizational commitment: A case study of the National Iranian Oil Company Exploration Management staff (15-28)

Estimate the recreational value of Hara Forests in the Bandar Khamir (29-32)

Investigating the impact of electronic word of mouth advertising on promoting brand equity from consumers’ perspective (A Case Study of Tabriz Sepah Bank) (33-39)

Evaluation and Comparison of Job Satisfaction with Organizational Commitment between Official and Adjunct Faculty Members in Payame Noor University- Ewaz Center during Academic Year of 2013-2014 (40-49)

The Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Resources and Distribution Network Capacitor Using PSO Algorithm (50-57)

Assesment of The Human Poverty Indexes in Rural Areas (Case study: The city of Bavi) (58-62)

Explain the relationship among job characteristics of Hackman and Oldham, organizational commitment and employees`s organizational indifference of Saipa automotive company in Tehran province (63-74)

Evaluation of Calculation of the Foundations Elastic Settlements Relations in Strip Foundations Using Finite Elements Method and its Priority to other Proposed Methods (75-81)

Status of Soft Power in Political Thought of Imam Ali (PBUH) (82-89)

Capparis spinosa L; An important medicinal plant from Sistan and Baloochestan province, Iran (90-101)

Examining the role of emotional experiences and brand satisfaction on behavioral intentions and brand relationship (case study: buyers of Samsung mobile phones in Khorramabad, Iran) (102-112)

Investigating the Factors Hinder the Acceptance of Electronic Insurance in Insurance Industry (A Case Study of Iran Insurance Company in Bandarabbas in 2014) (113-125)

Investigating the effective factors on the intelligent market- oriented export of food industry companies in Tehran (126-132)

Explanation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy in the age of Hassan Rouhani From the perspective of the James N. Rosenau continuum theory (133-143)

Iran stock market index prediction using time series neural network (144-149)

A Solution to support big data based decision making to improve business processes (150-161)