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Vol. 2- No. 4

Effect of bentonite on growth indices and physiological traits of spinach (Spinacia oleracea L) under drought stress (1-6)

Effective factors of Predicting the academic success of PNU students by using data mining techniques (7-13)

Assessing the impact of organizational justice on Organizational citizenship behavior in contracting companies (14-27)

Criteria of Basic Effective Women feel safe In public space (28-41)

The role of commercial intelligence in the area of ban services marketing (case study: Samen charge accunt (nominal) institution) (42-48)

How to increase the human force productivity in Municipality of Tehran by the Goodwin Model (49-55)

A Survey of the Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Organizational Entrepreneurship (56-69)

Leap in the qualitative research method Localization theory (70-75)

A Survey of Technical Factors Affecting Mobile Government Implementation in the Public Service of Fars Province (76-85)

Investigate the relationship between earnings management and profitability the firms listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange (86-95)

Provide a model to study the impact of brand factors on purchase intention (96-103)

"Pattern of unofficial exchange rate volatility in different exchange rate regime in Iran during 1991 till 2013" (104-114)

The Investigation of Accounting Conservatismís effects on Firm Value In the Tehran Stock Exchange (115-123)

Review of the Risk and Return of Investment in Bank System (Case Study: Banks Investing in Tehran's Stock Exchange) (124-133)

Examining the relationship of Transformational leadership with organizational justice-mediated Quality Work Life in IT department of National Iranian South Oilfields Company (134-143)

Content analysis of sixth grade school Farsi textbook to determine its propriety with factors of creative thinking (144-160)

Architecture Compatible with Climate, with the Sustainable Architecture Approach by the Help of Evans Index in City of Yazd (161-167)

Study the Relationship Between Participation of students The first year of high school Of region 2 Khorramabad In Process of Teaching (168-174)

The effect of transcendental leadership on the organizational citizenship behavior on the case study: SAPCO Company (175-185)

Effect of drought and salinity stress on some traits of seed germination of Citrus aurantifolia (186-191)

Identifying and ranking the influencing factors on adoption of mobile marketing by Emphasizing on social networks and using fuzzy hierarchical analysis (In Small and medium industries in the industrial city of Mashhad) (192-201)